How do you handle down databases crashing servers?

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Thread: How do you handle down databases crashing servers?

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    Default How do you handle down databases crashing servers?

    Recently the database for an ASP application I support went down.<BR>Apparently this crashed the server hosting the ASP application, as users kept making requests to an unavaiable DB.(The server guys where annoyed.) <BR><BR>I could probably set some kind of value in the global.asa file and increment this value everytime a user is unable to connect to the database. When it reaches a certain value I could prevent any user from even attempting to access the DB.<BR><BR>However I do not know if this is the best approach. Maybe this problem is best handled at the server level?(It seems to me that by setting the script timeout property to a lower value on the server would prevent the server from crashing? But I really have no idea.)<BR><BR>So I was wondering if anyone could share how they would or do handle such a situation. Thank you.

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    ONE way would be on the home page open a connection and see if the STATE is open if it is then continue otherwise redirect to a down page.<BR><BR>

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