I&#039;m about to break out the sledgehammer here guys. This just doesn&#039;t seem right in any fashion. I&#039;m retrieving some values from a database. I need to assign them to some form fields, and thus they need to be of type string. So I go about my merry way and do the following:<BR><BR>txtExpireDays.Value = (string) results["adExpire"]<BR><BR>and it&#039;s kind enough to throw the error:<BR>Exception of type System.InvalidCastException was thrown. <BR><BR>adExpire is a database field of type int, with a value of 30. There should be no reason that I can think of why this won&#039;t convert. Without the conversion, the compiler throws the error:<BR><BR>Cannot implicitly convert type &#039;object&#039; to &#039;string&#039;<BR><BR>Anyone have an answer?