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    in database salary is "Per Year" I&#039;ve response.write it to make sure its there. But when I use statement below its not validating condition. I&#039;m using SQL db. Statment below works fine with all Access DB. I know this may or may have nothing to do with it, but that&#039;s the only reason which I can think of.<BR><BR>Can someone point me what I could be doing wrong?Or does this needs to be nadled differently with SQL db?<BR><BR>&#060;% salary = RS("SalaryPer") %&#062;<BR><BR>&#060;input type=radio name="SalaryPer" &#060;% If salary="Per Year" Then %&#062; Checked &#060;% end if %&#062; value="Per Year"&#062;Yearly<BR>&#060;input type=radio name="SalaryPer" &#060;% If salary="Per Hour" Then %&#062; Checked &#060;% end if %&#062; value="Per Hour"&#062;Hourly<BR><BR>Thanks in advance<BR>Meeta

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    What the codes are like when viewed as source from the browser?

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