I have a network app which runs on each computer on the LAN. Each app is currently requesting data from <BR>a sql server in the form of an ADO recordset. This data can be quite large and causes quite a delay <BR>in the program as the info transfers. Many of these transfers are redundant in that another computer <BR>on the network has probably already requested the exact same resultset. I would like to be able to have <BR>the resultsets shared across the network to minimize the amount of traffic back to the server. So, what <BR>is the best technology to distribute and share resources across the LAN. I can count on no single computer <BR>being up so the technology needs to be totally decentralized. If need be I will just handle this with <BR>sockets and state variables but I would rather have a nice framework to rely on rather than reinventing <BR>the wheel. <BR>Thanks, Samuel Barret.