I have really found your site useful, great work guys! One thing, I am dying to know how to set up redirection on a site. I want it to go like his:<BR><BR>Each link has an ID<BR>I want to create a single ASP page which reads the ID of the link, then redirects the user to that appropriate site, to illustrate what I mean here is an example.<BR><BR>Say the user wishes to go to Page 139, when the user clicks the link for that page it will send it to an ASP page who reads that the user has clicked on link ID 139 and throws him to it. I think the link would look like this <BR><BR>http://www.mypage.com/redir.asp?id=139 <BR><BR>Is this right, if so how do i do a a Redirect ASP, i would really appreciate a reply, thanks