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    I've started reading up on XML in the last week or so , and I may be missing something, but I can't find any good examples of creating XML documents on the fly from a Db query (is this how it's done ?), reading the XML file through an ASP page and then performing updates to the data on the web page and updating the dB, Any ideas on good books, site or articles and apart from XML being non platform specific what other advantages are there ??? (Yes it will enable MS to control the internet for years to come)

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    While I&#039;m not sure about XML allowing MSoft to control the Internet for years to come, I do have a couple words of advice:<BR><BR>If you would like to create an XML file on the fly, you can loop through rs results and create a long xml string. This doesn&#039;t work so well sometimes. It takes a lot of processing time and is quite cumbersome. You can also persist an ADO rs as xml. This brings back a data row as one &#060;z:row/&#062; element that has each field returned as an attribute to that element. This works as long as you are returning less than 40 fields. <BR><BR>My suggestion to you would be to learn XSLT, though. You can load an XSL file into RAM and manipulate it with the DOM (Document Object Model) just like an XML file, so this will let you dynamically set filters and query parameters.<BR><BR>Use WROX press books to get a head start on the learning curve ahead of you. Buy the "programmers&#039; guides" rather than the reference books.<BR><BR>There are probably others who can even expand on this knowledge. Have at it!<BR><BR>Happy developing!<BR><BR><BR>

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