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    What is the difference between these two lines<BR><BR>Request.Form("Variable")<BR><BR>and<B R><BR>Request("Variable")

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    &#062;Request.Form("Variable")<BR>will ONLY go throught the form collection<BR><BR>&#062;Request("Variable")<BR>wil l go through the QS and form collection (not sure which one first) and return the value from the FIRST collection if finds a match<BR><BR>

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    The Request object has several collection:<BR><BR>1. QueryString<BR>2. Form<BR>3. Cookies<BR>4. ClientCertificate<BR>5. ServerVariables<BR><BR>If you want to look for a variable in a specific collection, use the form,<BR><BR>request.collection_name(variable_name )<BR><BR>for exampe, Request.ServerVariables("LOGON_USER")<BR><BR>If you don&#039;t specify the collection, ASP will search through all of them in a predefined order and return the first value it finds. The order is listed above.

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