ADSI : Very basic links, need more.

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Thread: ADSI : Very basic links, need more.

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    Default ADSI : Very basic links, need more.

    Hi,<BR><BR>Does anyone have some good examples of usign ADSI with dot net?<BR>I ve got these two links, but they don&#039;t go far enough<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Thanks<BR>

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    Default Progress -> security wall

    I&#039;m making some progress with this, but having converted it to webforms with code behind, I don&#039;t seem to be able to configure the security so that I can commit the changes ( works with console app).<BR>I used &#060;identity impersonate="true" /&#062; and &#060;authentication mode="Windows" /&#062;<BR><BR>Any Ideas<BR>-A

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