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Thread: Problem in installing PWS

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    Default Problem in installing PWS

    *<BR> I installed the Win NT option pack 4.0 and after running the setup an error came up saying that "the features included in Win NT 4.0 option pack are designed for MS Win NT server 4.0<BR>they do not currently run on Win NT server 5.0 ".<BR> I downloaded it from microsoft&#039;s web site and i didn&#039;t find any option for win 2k NT server 5.0.<BR> So how do I get PWS installed on my machine?

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    Default What OS are you using?

    "win 2k NT server 5.0."???<BR><BR>as in wind 2000...that ships with IIS.....why would you want PWS on that?? anyway i do not think you install PWS on 2000

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