I believe that act uses a .dbf file. I am just wondering if I changed this database to an SQL one (to make it more user quanitiy friendly) could an application like ACT be written in ASP to replace the 'off the shelf' ACT product we currently use. We are currently pondering whether to upgrade ACT but there would still be a few utilities that it wont cope with or have that we would love to incorporate! My suggestion to the MD was to look into writing an SQL and ASP version to run on our intranet and integrate in with our accounts department and also provide statistical information. With us writing and creating the features, it would be full of the spurious features we require and also updateable too, if ever we think of a new feature we need. Is this a case of re-inventing the wheel, or could something like this be viable? Does anyone have any experience of creating web based software to replace 'off-the-shelf' stuff and how long something like this could take? Thanks!