I have been working on a project to display the top links on a web page. The way that I have set it up is: The links are stored in a field and they also have counters for each link in another field. This is setup for about ten categories of links. It works fine. When I manually enter a high number for a few links, they are the ones displayed. My problem is with the other end. Updating each links counter when a page is visited. I have tried searching for the record corresponding to the page visited and then performing an update on it based on a variable = recordcounter + 1. I plan to place this code on each page. Can&#039;t quite get this figured out, syntax problems. <BR> Anyway, here are my questions. <BR>1.) Is this the best way to display the top links, or is there an easier way that I am not seeing.<BR>2.) Can anyone recomend a good book to learn SQL within ASP. <BR>I have SAMS Active Server Pages 3.0 in 21 Days, but it doesn&#039;t go into as much detail dealing with SQL as I would like.<BR><BR>New to ASP... thanks in advance