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    Kantoi Guest

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    I&#039m quite new in using ASP and MS SQL.<BR>I have 3 tables, Customers, Products, TxnLog. In the TxnLog I log amongst other things, the customerID,ProductID. Daily some of the customers will acquire several products and most of the times several times per day. I need to count the number of each product that each customer acquire on certain date. How should I do it? I got no problem in getting the number of customers that doing transaction and the total number of transactions for that day.<BR><BR>Please help me.<BR><BR>Thank you.

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    muz Guest

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    use if not rs.eof or rs.recordcount!=0<BR>then movenext<BR>&#060;%=rs("field")%&#062;<BR>somethin g along those lines<BR>my email account is<BR>Contact me for further details!

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    Kantoi Guest

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    I have managed to figure it out.<BR><BR>Thank you

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