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    Can anyone help me on this.<BR>I tried to populate a Treeview ActiveX Control with ASP ( I use the sample code from Microsoft ). These are the problems:<BR>1.) Even though I set the &#060;Object&#062; tag with the ClassID, etc; when I tried to set or use the control, it says it&#039s not found or need to be set.<BR>2.) If I use the Server.CreateObject, I can set the properties, it seems fine, without prompting an error BUT, the ouput is not a Treeview but simply prints the data as indicated in the response.write: Response.write "Treeview1.Node.Add, , " & Chr(34) & rstAuthorsTitles(0) & Chr(34) & "," & Chr(34) & rstAuthorsTitles(1) & Chr(34) & chr(10) & chr(13) <BR>I am using PWS on Win95.<BR><BR>The sample code is at<BR><BR>Thanks.<BR><BR >Nelson

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    ActiveX Controls, like the tree view cnotrol, that are suppose to appear on the CLIENT&#039s computer, must be embedded in the HTML, not in the ASP, which is server-side code. You need to use the OBJECT tag, an HTML tag, to embed an ActiveX Control into an HTML document.

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    Nelson Cocorpus Guest

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    Scott,<BR><BR>Thank you for your reply. I am using the Object Tag in the code. <BR>I need the asp code to populate the tree. Actually the &#060;Object&#062; tag follows after the &#060;BODY&#062; tag, and after this is the ASP code &#060;% %&#062;.<BR>Hope to hear from your again. Thanks.<BR>

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