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    I have copied a web site from the server on to my machine (win2000). Now basically when i setup the web site on my<BR>machine (virtual directory) all the links are broken. Now<BR>the original web site was created with Frontpage or interdev.<BR>Folders like _vti_cnf, _vti_log have also been copied across (which are to do with FrontPage/Interdev). I know that the<BR>broken links are directly related to the use of FrontPage/Interdev but how can i fix the problem? I do not<BR>want to install frontPage or Interdev. Please Help!!

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    Well Frontpage is a real pain!!!<BR><BR>If you have HTML hyperlinks then it sort of tries to cope with you movinfg the file around that is linkied to by automatically amending all hyperlinks to it.<BR><BR>In the views menu there is a "hyperlinks" option which is sometimes useful in visualising what links to what....<BR><BR><BR>Front page is bad with ASP becuase of it trying to rationalise code and hyperlinks etc. it never seems to do it quite right and requires a lot of manually fiddling around. In the end I&#039;ve pretty much given up with Frontpage as almost eveyrhting I do is ASP. The only thing I use Frontpage for is to publish the web...<BR><BR>....this is where I think your solution lies. Set up a link from the web server to your machine and use Frontpage on the server to publish to your machine as though it were a web. I _think_ then you should find that most things are OK...except for all those scripted ASP links of course!<BR><BR><BR>have fun :oP

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