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    I am trying to use Server.Transfer to &#039;redirect&#039; depending on choices made in a form. <BR><BR>Here is a quick example:<BR><BR>form.asp<BR><BR>Choose your favorite sport:<BR><BR>&#060;form method="post" action="process.asp"&#062;<BR>&#060;input type=radio name=soccer value=soccer&#062;Soccer<BR>&#060;input type=radio name=skating value=skating&#062;Skating<BR>etc...<BR><BR>proces s.asp<BR><BR>Should redirect the person depending on their choice above, for example:<BR><BR>soccer to soccer.asp<BR>skating to skating.asp<BR><BR>Without going to the process.asp page first (the person is redirected based on choice &#039;automatically&#039; however the info is still processed on process.asp).<BR><BR>Can anybody show me how I can do this please?<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>

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    what are you talking about? How to process information without going to the process.asp?

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    Default Try Javascript....

    You can write a javascript function that will do this:<BR><BR>1) OnSelect do the following:<BR>2) Submit this form data to process.asp<BR>2) Create the popup you desired.<BR><BR>Just I&#039;m not sure if you can have OnSelect with a Radio button. I know this applies perfectly for SELECT Boxes. <BR><BR>Regards,<BR><BR>Vadim C.<BR><BR>

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