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    Robert Clark Guest

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    Hello,<BR><BR>I&#039m trying to figure out how to do the following.<BR>-Run a asp on server1, that uses an asp on server2 as an include file. Can this be done?<BR><BR>Also the same for DSN-Less database connection (in this case Access). Can I point the asp page database access to run a database on another server?<BR><BR>Thanks..

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    Paul Merton Guest

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    Just some ideas...<BR><BR>For your first point, the following may work:<BR>&#060;!--#include virtual="pathname/server2file.asp" --&#062;<BR><BR>For your second point, you should be able to do this if you refer to the database as \machinenamepathnamedatabase.db<BR><BR>Hope that&#039s something to think about,<BR>Paul.<BR><BR><BR>

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