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    LEt&#039;s say I have 20 texboxes on a page. Depending on the user type, some of the textboxes need to be disabled or enabled ( or read-only or read-write). How I can tag certain textboxes to avoid writing "if" statements next to each of them and testing for a user type?<BR>Help is much appreciated.

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    Why not determine the user type first and then only write the appropriate text boxes?<BR>Maybe different code in a select case statement?<BR><BR>Jay

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    Default Give them styles...

    ...and then change a style, as needed.<BR><BR>All the boxes with the same style name will change as a group.<BR><BR>CAUTION: This will *NOT* work in Netscape 4.x, because it does not allow form fields to be disabled or hidden.<BR><BR>

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