thanks alot man thats exactly what i asked for however I asked that because its the thing I could show an example of. What I need to do is similar. I am making a site for a weather station and they input the weather on an admin asp page. For the weather icon they enter in the code of the icon they want to display for a specific weather page. I wanted it so that when the popup came up they could just click on the image or on the code that is specified for a specific image and the original text box would automatically enter the code of their requested image.<BR><BR>I will "siffer" (spell) through your code to try to do this but if you know of any easier way please advise. Also the only thing that is a little confusing is that the popup calendar, when you hover over a specifc date it doesnt show the MS explorer figer that displays a link but that is just a small detail. Great job. I appreciate it<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>Mike M