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Thread: Need Help With ASP, POSTing & Frames Prob

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    Hello,<BR><BR> I need help with some ASP and frame issues. I&#039;m using Netscape Navigator 4.07, Internet Explorer 5.00, and ASP 2.0<BR><BR> I have a main page with two frames. The top frame calls the menu.asp and the bottom frames uses ArtemisCube.asp.<BR><BR>The top frame has a drop menu where METHOD = POST and ACTION = "menu.asp". This menu selects a month and year for the bottom frame&#039;s .ASP (ArtemisCube.asp) .<BR><BR>When a menu item is selected, a session variable gets set and the bottom frame is loaded with the JavaScript command parent.&#060;framename&#062;.location.reload() to reload the bottom frame. <BR><BR>The bottom frame&#039;s .ASP (ArtemisCube.asp) has a hidden form that stores info needed by code in ArtemisCube.asp. The from has METHOD = POST and ACTION = " ArtemisCube.asp". I must use POST because VBScript can only handle a 1,000 character query string if I use GET. <BR><BR>When a table inside the bottom frame (ArtemisCube.asp) is clicked, some JavaScript code gets info from the form by and uses that info to alter a table made by ArtemisCube.asp. ArtemisCube.asp then loads HTML code into the bottom frame. <BR><BR>The hitch occurs when you alter the bottom frame by clicking on the table and then select a new month and year from the menu in the top frame. When this happens, MS Internet Explorer gives a dialog box saying "This page cannot be refreshed without resending the information. Click Retry to send the information again or click Cancel to return to the page that you were trying to view." Netscape Navigator does not do this.<BR><BR>I tried changing the command that reloads the bottom frame to parent.&#060;framename&#062;.location.reload(true) , parent.&#060;framename&#062;.history.go(), and parent.&#060;framename&#062;.history.go(0). I then tried setting default values in the hidden form in ArtemisCube.asp. None of the above worked.<BR><BR>What should I do?<BR>Why does Internet Explorer act up and Navigator behave?<BR>

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    Whenever you refresh a page that was posted to, IE always asks if the info should be resubmitted. To avoid this, try posting to the page again instead of using location.reload and history.go by setting the target attribute of the form to the name of the target frame.

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