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    Dear all,<BR>I wanted a suggestion.<BR>In VB, while using Combo boxes and Grids, the data dumping can be either connecting thru a ADODC control or thru code. If it is thru code, then it will be disconnected from database once it is finished the datafilling which I have been following in my project.<BR>My doubt here is, is it a good method to do like this. Can somebody tells me what are the pros and cons of this method. Ofcourse i cannot do this for a dataentry grid where i should bound to a table.<BR>Any suggestion is higly appreciated.<BR>thanks<BR>sajith

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    If you are just displaying info, it is best to keep your recordset disconnected!<BR>if you are updating records, then keep your recordset connected! and use rst.update.<BR><BR>HTH<BR>Dave

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