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    Hi all<BR><BR>We have recently moved our site to a different webserver.<BR>Everything works fine, except updates queries.<BR>I send the update query through ado&#039;s connection object&#039;s execute method.<BR>I doesn&#039;t generate an error - it simply doesn&#039;t update.<BR>Both servers are running win2k - servicepack 2.<BR>Both have MSSQL 7 db&#039;s.<BR>All that has changed is the connection string with a diffenent dsn, uid and pwd.<BR>I&#039;ve been asking around on newsgroups and everyone is dumbfounded.<BR>What could the problem possibly be ?<BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR><BR>

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    Are you using the same SQL Server Service Pack and MDAC Version?<BR><BR>Try running a trace on the SQL commands coming into the broken server, then copy the actual SQL and run the SQL command manually using ISQL.

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