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    I am developing a online training class, and need to link it to an Oracle database. I need the DB to keep track of how far a person has progressed and their scores on the quizes. I am new to ASP and am looking for some source code to help me along. Anyone who has any and could either post it or send it to, I would be very appreciative. Thanks<BR><BR>Jason

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    Jason, <BR><BR>This isn&#039;t *hard*, per se, but there&#039;s pleanty of things you need to know in order to do this. <BR><BR>I&#039;ve never actually worked with Oracle, but querying a database, no matter the specific DBM software, is pretty similar. <BR><BR>Look through 4guysfromrolla for information on:<BR><BR>SQL - The language of Databases. You need to know this to query the database.<BR><BR>ADO - The object that handles the opening of the database connection and the returning of the data<BR><BR>ASP, specifically Recordsets & Loops - A record set is the information returned from the table, and you use a Loop to display all the information in a record set<BR><BR>This is pretty simple stuff, espically if you have a decent background in Math and Logic. Once you read over that stuff, feel free to post specific problems / questions, and I&#039;ll assist any way I can. <BR><BR>Shane<BR>

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