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    We have a form created in ASP which displays selection criteria. On the form is a submit button for the user to press when the selection criteria has been entered. The submit button fires off another ASP which analyzes the input criteria and generates an SQL statement which is then run against a Sybase database. The results of the query are then posted to the screen in a formatted format; i.e., using column headers and footers. We have used the "Print This Page" methodology to print hard copies of the report successfully. However, the Header is printed only on the first page. We would like to be able to print the column headers and footers at the top and bottom of each printed page. Is there a way to use "Print this Page" to do this or is there some other method that can be used?

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    Look at this HTML 4.0 standard, it might help. I am not sure if it&#039;s fully supported by each browser though. But it&#039;s worth a try if you really want this:<BR><BR><BR><BR>Regards, <BR><BR>Vadim C.

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