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    My database server is Oracle 8.0.5 for Solaris on Intel.Its a database for an OLTP client that is in <BR>VB having at least 30 instances over an Interanet.<BR>I am planning to give Web based reports to the end users by applying a web server IIS 5.0 and ASP.My <BR>web server is not having a strong hardware so I wish to put minimum load on the web server and maximum <BR>of the total on the Data base server.<BR>I need a suggestion that how should I calculate the data for reports? I am hesitating from the typical <BR>way of navigating into recordsets in ASP pages !!!<BR>I m looking for the alternatives????<BR>regards<BR>

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    Umm<BR><BR>Doesn&#039;t Oracle have some equivalent of a stored procedure?<BR><BR>I use Sql Server and when possible, i encapsulate all calculations and logic in procedures.<BR><BR>why not do that.

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    Default Oracle has SPs why not?<eom>


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