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    I want to use objRec("catagory") to put a Catagory title in my page.<BR><BR>The problem is- if objRec("catagory") has no records, then I get an error- "Either EOF or BOF is true..yadda yadda"<BR><BR>I tried to set a var = to objRec("catagory") and then test the var for empty- if var = "" then catagory = whatever...<BR><BR>This gave me the same problem whenever objREc("catagory") contains no records.<BR><BR>Is there anyway to test if a RS is empty without it erroring out?<BR><BR>Thanks!

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    You can check to see if the entire recordset contains any data or is at the EOF by doing this.<BR><BR>If NOT objRec.EOF Then<BR> strCat = objRec("catagory")<BR>End If

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    Default That works..thanks.


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