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    Ok...stupid question for most of you....but I am a newbie!!<BR><BR>Am I correct in saying that using cookies to save a user&#039;s settings such as text color/fave links etc on a multi-user PC is not going to work? <BR><BR>If the cookies are saved on the client&#039;s hard disk, then does that mean that the same cookie settings will be loaded for everyone who uses the same machine?<BR><BR>This is the problem I am having with muy personalised ASP web using a database the only oher option?<BR><BR>Please reply to this, I really need the info<BR>Thanks

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    Yes, using cookies on a multi-user pc is a no-no. Eg Amazon have a button where you can turn off 1-click ordering if you are ordering via a multi-user pc - precisely because of this problem. As you suggest, storing the user details in a database is the way to deal with this.

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