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    Has anyone experienced this?<BR><BR>If I click on a single thread (no replies shown from the main menu of the forum), I see the message, then I see replies at the bottom of the screen. Replies that didn&#039;t show up before. And sometimes when I start reading the replies of the threads, additional replies show up at the bottom that didn&#039;t appear before.<BR><BR>This doesn&#039;t happen all the time, but it&#039;s a bit odd.<BR><BR>I know what some of you might be thinking, and I&#039;m watching the post times closely. Some of the replies that aren&#039;t there, and then are there are from hours prior.<BR><BR>Does anyone else notice this? Or are my college days finaly catching up with me?<BR><BR>Sorry for not posting this to the proper forum, but I wanted to know from many if anyone has experienced this.

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    Default Problem with college days

    Maybe they are catching up, but that&#039;s a separate issue. But, yes, I&#039;ve noticed that a lot here. I&#039;ve just gotten into the habbit of hitting Refresh regularly while I&#039;m here. Otherwise you&#039;ll find yourself answering a post that got answered 20 minutes ago.

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