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    When implementing a banner rotation system, what are important thing to check? I also want to know how big the filesize of banners can be, what is standard? Can flash banners be implemented? What&#039;s the standard size for a banner? Why shouldn&#039;t I use my own size?How do you keep track of the amount of views or CPM&#039;s? Are there banner- rotation systems with admin/statistic features available for free?<BR>I have to setup a banner rotation system, which keeps track of the amount of views per banner. And the banners should rotate for a certain amount of time.

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    Most banner rotation systems rotate the banners on page requests. So you can tell how many times the banner is diplayed by page visit stats. Example - 3 banners rotate equally. You get 99 page visits. Each banner is displayed 33 times.You can use swfs, gifs, jpgs. Banners can be many different sizes. Each web site has its own requirements. An easy way to set up a rotation is with the MS adRotator component. This comes with IIS.

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