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    I&#039m trying to set up a way for a user to edit/delete individual records that are displayed in forms on page, which I have. I&#039m also trying to add a button where the user, after deleting records they don&#039t want and having edited the rest, can submit all the records which are contained in separate forms.<BR><BR>I&#039m trying to loop through each form, where the form name and all field names are named the same- FORM & count, FIELDNAME & count (FORM1, FORM2, FORM3, etc. as they are generated dynamically), grab the values and update each record.<BR><BR>Is there a request.form("fieldname") syntax variation where I can specify the form to look for, or can a submit button only submit information contained in the form it is associated with? I&#039ve done request.form("Formname.fieldname") which hasn&#039t worked. I&#039ve also tried submitting both to the same page and a separate page, neither way finds the data in the forms. <BR><BR>If I can&#039t specify the form to get the data from, does anyone have an alternate strategy?

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    Won&#039t work. One form per submit.<BR><BR>So, build one form, then build the form field names dynamically so that the first first_name field looks like this:<BR>&#060;input type="text" name="first_name&#124 1" id="first_name&#124 1" value="Johannes"&#062;<BR>and the second first_name field like this:<BR>&#060;input type="text" name="first_name&#124 2" id="first_name&#124 2" value="Wolfgang"&#062;<BR><BR>That should point you in the right direction, anyway.<BR><BR>Kurt<BR>

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