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    I have an ASP Site designed to send mailers to selected aacount holders using CDONTS Object. While doing so my acript gives me an error while in process of sending emails. The error looks like this :<BR><BR>error &#039;80070020&#039; <BR>The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process<BR><BR>Error is displayed at a line where the code is :<BR><BR>cdontsObject.Send &#039;default send method of CDONTS<BR><BR>Note :<BR>-----<BR> The site is hosted on Windows NT with IIS 4.0 with SMTP installed, i am not using exchange server on Windows NT . <BR><BR>My actual SMTP responsible for sending emails to destined locations is SMTP installed on my Linux server.<BR><BR><BR>I would be kind of u guys to help me solve this problem at the earliest. i have checked things and tried giving wait of 5 seconds between each email sent. This even wont work. <BR><BR><BR>regards<BR><BR>Harsh<BR>

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    Default Please throw some code too <eom>


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