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    Paul Merton Guest

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    Hi,<BR><BR>How would I count the number of unique records in a database table?<BR><BR>I can do...<BR>SELECT COUNT(*) as count FROM table<BR>...and...<BR>SELECT DISTINCT * FROM table<BR><BR>...but cannot seem to work out how to combine them together to produce the number of unique lines.<BR><BR>Cheers for any help,<BR>Paul.<BR><BR>

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    Try using this...<BR><BR>SELECT COUNT(DISTINCT field_name) As Something FROM table_name<BR><BR>Happy Programming

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    Paul Merton Guest

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    Thanking you kindly for the prompt reply!<BR>Although I&#039m not in the position to test what you&#039ve suggested for another 3 weeks! (still, it looks like it should work!)<BR><BR>Cheers!<BR>Paul.<BR><BR>paul_merton@

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