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Thread: .focus in VBScript different in IE5

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    I have a piece of client side vbscript code that works fine in IE4 but in IE5 it processes the function but then goes ahead and processes the key that had been pressed (tab, enter, etc...) In IE4 it returns to the field that I set the focus on. Here???s the code:<script language=???VBSCRIPT???> Function GoodDate(datefield) If datefield.value <> ?????? Then If Not IsDate(datefield.value) Then i = MsgBox(???Please enter a valid date???,48,???Microsoft Internet Explorer???) datefield.value = ?????? datefield.focus Else datefield.value = CDate(datefield.value) End If End If End Function</script>...<INPUT id=StartDate name=StartDate ONCHANGE=???GoodDate (StartDate)??? maxlength_ size_>Suggestions?Thanks!
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