I can not get Access 97 database with security set to use a username other than &#039;Admin&#039; for full rights to the tables to use the correct username and password when I connect to it. The connection uses the default &#039;Admin&#039; rights which are non read with this database instead of the username/password that I send it which has full rights to the tables.<BR><BR>When I go directly into Access using the non-Admin username and password on my computer, I have full rights to all tables. I can not get Access to use the non-Admin username and password to get read-write access to tables when connecting to the tables using ASP and ADO when going through a server using the same username and password that is used to directly enter Access and receive full rights to the tables.<BR><BR><BR>The connection string that I have used is- <BR>DRIVER=Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb);DBQ=database location;UID=username;PWD=password;<BR><BR>What needs to be done to connect using ASP to get rights to the tables using the security as it is presently set up? Or does the security need to be adjusted in some way within Access?<BR><BR>Thank you for your assistance.<BR>