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    HELP!!!<BR> I&#039ve got a Director shockwave movie trying to read some asp pages and embed the results in nice multimedia stuff. There&#039s a function in Director&#039s scripting language called getNetText("mypage.html") which I&#039ve used before to hit ASP pages ; registering high scores on a server etc.<BR><BR> This time it needs to read the results of a bit of database work server side. When I send my URL with empty variables as such:<BR>(set x = getNetText(""))<BR>the server parses the ASP fine, without the variables, and returns HTML without my embedded results. Bit of a delay, but we&#039re cool with that.<BR><BR> Yet as soon as I place my variables into the URL, as such:<BR>(set x = getNetText(""))<BR>it screws up. That delay becomes a iterating loop - I can see it contacting the server over and over again but with no results at all becing posted.<BR><BR> I&#039ve tested this without database connectivity, in case the delay was timing the Director request out, but to no avail.<BR>So why does it have no problem as long as the variables are empty? My Christmas Holidays depend on this. PLeeeassse!!!!<BR><BR>

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    Default Director & ASP-Back in Love.

    SOLVED!<BR><BR> The problem was Director side - the request was looping on a frame - Works fine split up into two scripts. Cheers & Happy Christmas!

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