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    I attempting to create a computer based training application. The interface is created, but I need to link it to a database. What I need it to do is keep track of how far a individual has progressed, so that when they leave and come back they return to the place they where when they left and don't have to start over. Thanks for any help you can provide.

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    Well, it depeneds on how permanent you want this data to be.<BR><BR>You basically have two choices:<BR><BR>1) Store the page Id that they last visited in a database.<BR>2) Store the page Id that they last visited in a cookie.<BR><BR>In either case, simply add some code to the top of each page which updates the database/cookie value to the name of the current page. Then when they come back, you can simply read in the value and redirect them to the page they last visited.

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