I have a multipage ASP application that allows a user to query an Oracle database. It stores a users current choices in arrays that are in session variables. (I read much about the "baddness" session variables but in the end it was my best option Enough said... )<BR><BR>After my user has decided he/she would like to remember their query choices in a user account for a future visit, I would like to store the session variables (arrays in my case) in another Oracle table.<BR><BR>Getting data to/from the database in general is not an issue but it is more of a data-type thing. They are not varchars, blobs, or any other type I tried to force them into !! Is there any direct way to do this without a whole lot of coding to split and join the arrays before I store and after I retreive them ?<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Mike<BR>