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    I need to delete all files and directories from my web site. I had a Visual Interdev projecting pointed to the site and cannot delete all the files. Whats the best way of deleting thses files?<BR><BR>Thanks <BR>Danny

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    I don&#039;t fully understand your question.<BR><BR>In order to delete all files and directories, you can use FSO(File System Object) in your asp code. You can use the "DeleteFolder" method which will delete all files and subFolders within a certain folder!<BR><BR>Now I don&#039;t think your question was "How can I delete files and folders using ASP" right?<BR><BR>Your question was more of a "I can&#039;t delete Folder and Files via the Visual Interdev console"<BR><BR>If I understand correctly, you have a solution (.sln) that points on another server and you want to delete these files?<BR><BR>Use PCAnywhere or telephone the guy and ask him if he can delete the files OR just delete your solution or...<BR>

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