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    RKelly Guest

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    I want to use the Getrows command.. but I would have<BR>to know the # of records beforehand. Otherwise I&#039ll<BR>get a I&#039ll get a "Subscript out of range: &#039 1&#039 " <BR><BR>Of course I can make another SQL statement to return <BR>the # of records. But is there a more efficient way?<BR>Or a way where I don&#039t have to call the DB for the number<BR>of records?<BR><BR>Maybe I can get the array size with a command -- as this will<BR>save a database call.<BR>

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    Paul Merton Guest

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    I believe that rs.RecordCount should return the number of records in your query (assuming that you have called the object "rs"!)<BR><BR>Hope that helps,<BR>Paul.<BR><BR>

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