Hello! <BR><BR>I&#039;m wondering if this is my problem, Let me give you some of the details :<BR><BR>I have a foxpro COM componet, that grabs some foxpro tables and does a query on it, making a table. At that point it initiates a &#039;Createobject&#039; of the adodb connection and command objects. I get the recordset of the sql 7.0 data that I hit with the ado objects, and compare them with the foxpro data, do some manipulation and toss back the results to an excel file.<BR><BR>This is all fine and works great before I make it into a componet, but once I make it as a componet, and try to access it within an asp page, it bombs. It seems to run the Foxpro query, but when it gets to the ADO calls, it dies. <BR><BR>I&#039;m wondering if there are rules against creating a componet, within a componet.<BR><BR>Hope that made sense, if anyone has some insight, I&#039;d appreciate it.<BR><BR>- Jason<BR>Rook@cels.org