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    Hai,<BR>I am a beginner in ASP. I have a small ASP application ad I get an error saying "Expected &#039;End&#039;". I don&#039;t know what it means.<BR>The code part in which I get the error is <BR>.....<BR>url="view.asp?Topic=" & v & "&Sub=" & v1 & ""<BR>Response.Redirect url<BR>.....<BR>Can anyone shed some light on it...<BR>Thanks in advance,<BR>Jicky<BR>

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    Default Not enough code shown...

    That error means that you code and "IF" or or "SUB" or "FUNCTION" and did not properly terminate the code structure with "END IF", "END SUB", etc.<BR><BR>So the error message may *appear* in the place you say, but the actual problem is *probably* above that.<BR><BR>

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