Client-Side script doesn't work on IIS 4.0

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Thread: Client-Side script doesn't work on IIS 4.0

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    Default Client-Side script doesn't work on IIS 4.0

    I&#039;m using the script below on my IIS 5.0 but it doesn&#039;t work on my client&#039;s IIS 4.0. Is there something wrong with the way I&#039;ve written my function? The function adds items to a drop-down select box. It seems to fail after the first call to addElement() function which adds one item to the select box.<BR><BR><BR>function mmChangeProject(parent, model_caption)<BR> {<BR> var ModelList = strRef[parent.TimeProject.options[parent.TimeProject.selectedIndex].value]<BR><BR> clearList(parent.TimeTasks);<BR> addElement(parent.TimeTasks, model_caption, 0);<BR> if(ModelList)<BR> {<BR> var rgModels = ModelList.split(&#039;,&#039;);<BR> for (var i = 0; i &#060; rgModels.length; i++)<BR> {<BR> if (rgModels[i])<BR> {<BR> var rgModel = rgModels[i].split(&#039;#&#039;);<BR> addElement(parent.TimeTasks, rgModel[0], rgModel[1]);<BR> }<BR> }<BR> parent.TimeTasks.disabled = false;<BR> mmChangeTask(parent);<BR> }<BR> else<BR> {<BR> parent.TimeTasks.disabled = true;<BR> parent.ChargeNum.disabled = true;<BR> }<BR><BR> parent.TimeTasks.selectedIndex = 0;<BR> }

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    Default Can't have anything to do with IIS...

    As you said, it is *CLIENT* side.<BR><BR>The version of the *BROWSER* might have an impact, but not the version of IIS. There&#039;s not a whit of server-side code in that, is there? So how could the server matter?<BR><BR>I do see one big potential problem: "parent" is a predefined word in the browser&#039;s object model. It means the parent of the current frame. I&#039;d *REALLY* suggest changing that name. Dunno if it&#039;s relevant, but...<BR><BR>

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