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    vahit Guest

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    Hi I have problems with installation<BR>I use CGI with Perl .I put my script(with an extension .pl) in scripts directory which is a virtual directory under C:/inetpub and then Perl interpreter does everything.<BR>When I wanna run the script, <BR>just write http:\<BR>Here Am I gonna do the same thing as I do in cgi scripting.I mean <BR>Can I put the file.asp in the scripts directory and run with the same way?<BR>If I use vbscript with asp files,is there a script engine that interprets the script in the browser or do I have to install it from somewhere?<BR>What if I use instant asp ,the steps are the same?<BR>when I install instant asp,the destination directory for installation must be under C:inetpub?<BR>That&#039s all<BR>I am looking forward to reply me <BR>Thanks<BR>

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    Robob Guest

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    what you´ll need is personal web server (for win98, win95) or iis for winnt, or personal web server for nt. you get these free from microsoft. they come with an asp interpreter, this is the way it works, I think. asp can only run on ms web servers, if you want to use something else, you need chillasp (or so it´s called). after installation, you´ll have the inetpub directories on your hd. questions =

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