Just briefly: Some might remember the problem I had: Displaying records<BR>from an Access db using ASP while that mdb file is open in Access - so the<BR>data displayed would be &#039real time&#039 data. I now have a working solution to<BR>it, although I do not know why it works... I have come across it<BR>accidentally when debugging another Web application, which surprisingly<BR>worked as it should. I have tried to replicate it, but the replicated copy<BR>has the same problem (displays error 80004005 - &#039file already in use&#039 when<BR>the mdb is already open in Access...<BR>For those interested the relevant files can be found at:<BR>http://lubosh.canberra.edu.au/test/browse.zip<BR><BR>So I am left with the belief that it is possible, in fact I got it working,<BR>but I can&#039t tell why it works where it works, and why it doesn&#039t where it<BR>doesn&#039t ;-)<BR><BR>Lubosh<BR>Post an answer, or email if possible: Lubosh@Hotmail.com