Does CDONTS work with Win2k?

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Thread: Does CDONTS work with Win2k?

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    Default Does CDONTS work with Win2k?

    I have been looking everywhere for a response to this questions...DOES CDONTS WORK WITH WINDOWS 2000? I have a sinple form that sends to an ASP page. The ASP does some validation and creates an email. The page has worked flawlessly on NT, but when it was moved to Windows 2000, it diesn't work right anymore. Actually, the ASP does exactly what it is supposed to do (create the email), but the email just sits in a PickUp folder on the server....Any suggestions? do you have to use CDO for 2000 on a Windows 2000 server? Do I have to create an external file to pull the emails? I thought that if CDONTS (in my opinion the greatest thing to happen to simple forms) didn't work anymore, Microsoft would have addresses it.....

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    Default Of course it WORKS....!!!

    Windows 2000 is built on NT technology, and therefore it was actually NT5 before the name change. <BR><BR>As for getting CDONTS to work.. you sure you configured your IIS SMTP server properly? My home Win2K works just fine with CDONTS. <BR><BR>So check it out on your end of things, if there are more problems, write back on this board, and somebody will try to help,<BR><BR>Vadim C.

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