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    Our network incurred a tremendous slowed down today. I used the windows 2000 network monitor and Performance monitor to on all web servers, and on one of our web servers the data transfer jumped more than 20x i ran the performance monitor on the object (processor) and the (counter) "DPC&#039;s Queued/Sec" is off the chart! What is this counter, and why all of a sudden is this data getting turned to that web server. <BR><BR>Note1: There are no more then 15 web sites on that server and none of them get more then 20-50 hits a day.<BR><BR>Note2: I stoped IIS and the data stoped flowing, i then restarted and stoped all the web sites but one, and the data was still coming in like normal, no slow down.<BR><BR><BR>Note3: The server has been patched for Code Red already.<BR><BR>Would this be another virus? How could this happen?<BR><BR>Please Help....<BR>Thank you!

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    Even machines that are invulnerable top Code Red hammered by *other* machines that are infected. check the logs - any requests for default.ida are likely to be code red. otherwise, maybe you got slashdotted?<BR><BR>(http://www.slashdot.org/)<BR><BR>j<BR>http://www.atrax.ws/

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