Urgent (Accessing files from a remote server)

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    Hi all<BR>The problem is I have a server called myPro where I have all my asp files and I have another server called myPro1 where I store all the images...now I have a problem here when I try to download a file using a set of functions I use the function<BR>server.Mappath(filename)..This holds good when the server called myPro to which I am connected contains the Image but when my remote server myPro1 contains the image like(http://mypro1/...1.jpg) what can i do since server.mappath will search for the image in my local server and not in the remote sever since I am connected to the local server...<BR><BR>Kindly suggest<BR>Thank <BR>Arun<BR>

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    Server.MapPath() is a file system-based method. it can&#039;t do http connections. if your servers are connected by a LAN connection, then it may work.<BR><BR>why do you need to Map an image path anyway? usually you can just reference the full URL in the &#060;img&#062; tag.<BR><BR>Atrax<BR>http://www.atrax.ws/

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