Hi Guys...<BR><BR>New here.<BR><BR>I manage this site ( An internet bookstore) and I have had a huge problem getting the automatic subtraction from the database to work properly.<BR><BR>Over a year ago, a company developed this site, and used Dreamweaver Ultradev 1.0 to do it.<BR><BR>It connects to an SQL access database and uses a Ultradev extention called "UltraCart" for the shopping cart.<BR><BR>Im really not sure what code went buggy, but our automatic subtraction does not work and we cannot get the company who built it to even glance at our problem.<BR><BR>I have been learning .asp for around 2 weeks now and can do simple tasks like pull data from the database, add records, delete records, edit records...etc.<BR><BR>Im really not sure how you guys can help, but I really have a huge problem and I am in need of some help.<BR><BR>Out bookstore currently has over 1100 items with an inventory count of over 8000...So you see...when we get an order, automatic subtraction is a must.<BR><BR>The automatic subtraction behavior is in one of our pages on the "backend" of the site. Our "Order Details" Page = pending.asp<BR><BR>The way it is supposed to work is you click a checkbox when the order if fulfilled (Credit Card cleared and Order printed)and it automatically subtracts the items ordered from the database, but it does not subtract the items at all anymore.<BR><BR>When an order is placed, we pull the order details from pending.asp for our review and processing.<BR>Pending.asp is only for our newer orders.<BR><BR>When we click the checkbox to mark it fulfilled, the order is then only pulled from all.asp<BR><BR>all.asp shows all orders.<BR><BR>If anyone can begin to point me in the right direction, or would be willing to go into detail about this....please post here or contact me at: ericpratt@prodigy.net<BR><BR>Thank you,<BR><BR>Eric