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    Hello All,<BR><BR>I&#039;m in search of a ASP Component that can draw charts on the web XY Axis.Time period is on the Axis.On the Y axis are various parameters to be taken from the database.This chart should also have a zoom in,zoom out facility.Altrax had suggested none of the components there suits my requirements.<BR><BR>Please Help.<BR><BR>Thanks in Advance<BR>Senthil

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    Default If the ASPIN list doesn't have it... probably doesn&#039;t exist.<BR><BR>And that&#039;s probably because when you build a chart via a Server-Side component, the chart is *actually* just a picture, a .gif or .jpeg image. So of course you can&#039;t "zoom" in on it.<BR><BR>You may have to write your own.<BR><BR>For this kind of chart, you might want to consider using a Java applet. I can&#039;t think of any other way you&#039;re going to get the kind of interactivity you are after. Well, unless you are willing to do something like script Excel on MSIE. Insisting that all your users have Excel on their machines and use MSIE. <BR><BR>Anyway, doing this as a Java applet is really pretty simple, except for the zoom in stuff, but even that isn&#039;t quite rocket science.<BR><BR>

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