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    I&#039;ve spent 5 hours today figuring out the first 80004005 error I received - &#039;not an updateable query&#039; - and now I am getting a new 80004005 error - MyDB.MDB is already opened exclusively by another user, or you need permission to view its data.<BR><BR>Now realize that I got past the first problem by assigning permissions to my MDB and IIS. My current problem happened when I shut down, then restarted my PC. All prior permissions are still there and there is no other &#039;user&#039; using the MDB. I have put &#039;displays&#039; in to prove that I am only opening the MDB once.<BR><BR>I am running Windows 2000, IIS, Access 2000.<BR><BR>Thanx,<BR><BR>Jerry

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    Default Did you check for .LDB file?

    Did you look in the directory with the .MDB file to see if a .LDB file is still hanging around? If so, get rid of it.<BR><BR>You may have to shut a lot of things down before the system will let you.<BR><BR>This is Access&#039;s simple mechanism for locking out multiple users, and if that file is there, the DB is not writable.<BR><BR>

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