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    Keith Fowler Guest

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    This is a very weird problem that I have not been privy to experience until this past week. <BR>For some reason while working in our ASP application, an entirely new Session is spawned.<BR><BR>This is an eractic an inconsistent behavior. I can be working in the App and sometimes I have no problem, other times it kicks me back to the login. <BR><BR>We have been unable to find the cause. However, we have been able to find that we are getting assigned a new Session ID. <BR><BR>If anyone has any information on this issue, please share with me.<BR><BR>Thanks!

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    I had a similar experience. What was happening was that the global.asa was getting run twice. It seems to be caused by the security features we use through NT. It seems like it is run once when the application is first started. There is then a username/password box to get access to the application. Once the user is verified then the page loads and a new seesionID has been created. One of these continues throughout the session and the other one eventually times itself out. I am not sure which Id persist - the first or second. <BR>However, I have used text boxes to get passwords and then query a DB for user rights to set a session variable with no problems. The session always holds true.<BR>Maybe this was of some help,<BR>todd

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    Keith Fowler Guest

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    I appreciate your input. However, my initial explanation may have been vague. We are not using NT security. This is an Intranet and we have set up a login screen via the browser. We then use a component to determine their accessibility.<BR><BR>If verified we set a Session var, and check it at the beginning of each page.<BR><BR>If Session("var") = False Then<BR> Response.Redirect loginpage.asp<BR>End If<BR><BR>This problem just recently reared it&#039s ugly head. It has never happened before. As far as changes to our code, we have not made many major changes. We have adjusted our code to be compatable with our new objects. <BR><BR>None of those objects had anything to do with the security of the application. <BR>

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    Arie Vooys Guest

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    I&#039m not sure if this will help you, but MS published an article on losing sessions in their knowledgebase. It appears that using frames may cause loss of session-vars. The resolution is given in the following article:<BR>Q178037 PRB: Session Variables Lost When ASP Is Located In Frameset

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